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A Second Taste of Chocolate for the Soul


A Kaleidoscope of My Grief Monster

God will create a shiny, colorful kaleidoscope of our lives, if we let Him.

No matter what mess or crisis encircles us, Jesus is the master recycler. He will use our tragedies, or problems to work for our good, in his timing. It is often difficult to imagine that a health problem or a death could ever be used for good to honor and glorify God. Please know that our God is the ultimate, perfect transformer of his sons' and daughters' lives. He will make it happen; however, we cannot be a bystander.

Imagine for a moment our lives as a kaleidoscope.... Consider each problem or crisis as one piece of that glass in a kaleidoscope. It can be dull and merely noisy as we shake things up, or it can be a vividcolorful piece of a stunning picture. But, we cannot transform the noisy plastic pieces by ourselves. We must have light. We must point it towards the everlasting light of God.

Jesus will grab the scattered, shattered pieces of our life and blast them into a kaleidoscope of a new life, unlick anyone else's.


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