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A Taste of Chocolate for the Soul

I  just finished reading part one and my favorite section so far has been "My Treasure Hunt". Here's why: lately I've been wanting and asking God for some wisdom-- some sort of insight as to what I'm supposed to be doing for him. I start applying for colleges in the fall and I want to do what will make my life pleasing to Him, but I haven't gotten ...any closer to figuring out what to major in, and it's so frustrating. Reading "My Treasure Hunt" has definitely been an eye opener. I've gotten the "cry aloud for insight and understanding" part down, but that's the thing; I have short bursts of crying out for insight, but don't follow through with the second set of instructions: search for it as for treasure. I have to look earnestly for God's insight in order to find the knowledge of God. Finally, it all came together with the statement "it doesn't come easy. We need to stay connected to the Lord through prayer, scripture and our Christian friends". So not only do I need to cry aloud for insight and understanding, but I also need to search for it earnestly and wholeheartedly, as if I were on a treasure hunt and finding His wisdom were as valuable as finding silver (and in many ways, it is much more valuable!).

Amanda H.
A high school student


Whether or not you've had a crisis in your own life or you've aided in lifting the spirits of others during difficult times, Dr. Carol Kennedy's inspirational book "A Taste of Chocolate for the Soul" will help you understand the power faith plays in our daily lives. Allowing one's mind to embrace God and trust Him to keep his promises is his gift to us.
I found many instances in the book's diverse references that relate to situations in my own life, particularly one whereby our daughter was saved from a serious illness that would have eventually taken her life. Faith played a significant role in the outcome. One cannot help but be impressed with the importance of keeping this book handy for guidance and for the renewal of one's own spirit.

Pat Booth-Lynch


This is Dr. Carol’s 4th book and it is intriguing.  My favorite way to read it is to close my eyes, and randomly open the book to a spot. That’s the spot for me at that moment and that is a fun, meaningful way for me. And of course, before I sit down to read a story or two, I grab a piece of dark chocolate to taste while I’m reading her book.  The story that really got me was “Marky’s Rose”….my son was diagnosed with a brain tumor a few years ago, and I could really identify with that story.

Katherine H.

What a beautiful book!  I bought one for me and one for my mom and daughter.  I’m thinking ahead to Mother’s Day, and how perfect this is for that special day. Of course, I will put some chocolate in the gift bag too!

Jan G

The Grief Monster
"Dr. Carol Kennedy paints a simplistic solution to some of life's hardest challenges. Losing loved ones can be devastating and life altering for so many, and in this book Dr. Kennedy seeks to instill truths and principals in a way that children and adults can understand and apply to their every day lives."

Gabe Bahlhorn
Public Relations - Rochester, MI

THE GRIEF MONSTER is a visual and emotional image of the grieving process in the life of a Christian. Death leads to fear and pain. Faith leads to trusting in Jesus, as we use our suffering to eventually strengthen us, as we release our pain. Carol's book is a blessing and a testimony of her faith?

Pastor Rosenburg
Bradenton, FL

As I began reading, my eyes filled with tears, and I was pulled into this story. This book will help adults and children cope with the reality of death. The fact that Jesus is with us through the tough times is wonderfully demonstrated on every page. I would recommend this book to every family experiencing the death of a loved one. 

Pastor Mike Dunckley 
Traverse City, MI

Dr. Carol has put into words and pictures what we have all struggled with as a family since the unexpected death of our oldest sister. Perhaps the readers will come to know Lynda, and her connection to the Lord.

Peg Schnepp, Mom and Grandma
Waterford, MI

“I lost my three year old son in a car accident and when I received your book a year after, it was like a sign I had to do some serious healing.  We have another son, who is 9.  I bought him a book, he read it ever so slowly and cried all the way through it.  He said to me-‘Mommy, do you know this Dr. Carol?’ I said no.  He said ‘well, you must, because her book is like she is talking right to me.  I cried, but I feel so much better. ‘ I bought my 5 year old daughter one too, and have caught her curled up many times, just staring at a page.  Thank you!"

- Angela

From the Printing Press: 
It isn't very often that I can really take the time to read a book we produce here, but I did take the time to read this one. THE GRIEF MONSTER will be an excellent resource for not only children, but also adults. I lost my Dad 6 years ago, and even at 45, I miss and think about him every day. This book provides an excellent way for young and old alike to work through one of the most difficult times in life the loss of a loved one. 

 Tim @ Friesens Corporation, Canada

From a mom, recently losing a son: 
As I sat down at my kitchen table and read your book, the tears streamed down my face. What a heartfelt story. I'm sure it will be a huge success, as others, both young and old live through your experience. This book needed to be written.

Pat Janda, Cape Coral, FL

From a retired school teacher: 
THE GRIEF MONSTER reminded me of the time my mom died, and I had that heavy feeling of my own grief monster; and it just wouldn't go away. I like your visual images, especially when you said to put the hurts on your hand and to give them up to God. Children and adults will find peace with your suggestions. 

Linda Moore, MI

From a grandmother:
I lost my daughter six years ago, and my grandkids and I have read the book over and over. I could sense Dr. Carol's broken heart on each page, but even louder was the sound 
of hope and triumph. My prayer is that all might find peace through a personal relationship with God, as a result of reading THE GRIEF MONSTER. 

Julie Davis, MI


For the primary school aged child who is suffering from emotional hurt, The Grief Monster can be a spiritual salve. 

The illustrations are vivid!  The story's gentle language makes a universal point:  Personal tragedy can be followed with healing and acceptance when a young girl is able to trust in a Higher Power.  Ultimately, it is her faith in a compassionate Christ guiding her through this personal crisis.

 My grand daughter now has this book on her bedroom bookshelf.  Should she need it, The Grief Monster is an arm’s length away. Dr. Carol’s book is always available as a great source of reassurance.

- Pat Flannery, former classmate of Dr. Carol
They attended St. William’s Catholic School from first through eighth grade
Walled Lake, MI

Mother's Day 2009 Presentation

We were blessed at Grace Church to have Carol Kennedy speak at our Mother’s Day services. She is a good communicator with a real heart for people and serving the Lord. We have also had her teach parenting seminars at our church and they were excellent! Carol is competent, faithful, and a joy to work with. 

Pastor Casey Neely
Grace Church/Olga, Ft. Myers Shores

“I heard your Mother’s Day Heart sermon and it was awesome! I lost my mom 23 years ago and it seems like yesterday.  It hardened my heart with the pain and depression it brought me at the age of 24.  Finally, at age 47, I can say I miss her with good memories instead of the grief.  Feels wonderful to be free!  Thanks Dr. Carol!”


The Encyclopedia of Parenting  A – Z, so help me God! 
"Plainly, it takes a lifetime of experiences as a parent and a career educator to express the practical wisdom and personal strategies detailed in Dr. Kennedy's The Encyclopedia of Parenting  A – Z, so help me God!   I especially appreciated her easy to follow techniques. Lessons are simple and to the point. 

The book also contains an educational feature.  As someone who devoted her career to the problem reader, Dr. Kennedy has a solid understanding of reading skills.   She effectively describes the causes of reading difficulties, and offers specific exercises to reach reading solutions.

I have passed  Encyclopedia of Parenting  A - Z  on to my 36 year old daughter and mother of two.   Fresh ideas will help re-invigorate her parental approach.  Both parent and child will gain from the book's many lessons."

- Pat Flannery, former classmate of Dr. Carol
They attended St. William’s Catholic School from first through eighth grade
Walled Lake, MI


  Hear from those who have attended Dr. Carol’s workshops:
"Dr. Carol Kennedy is an animated public speaker who keeps her audience enthralled by posing interesting illustrations, fascinating facts and entertaining side notes.  Dr. Carol is a sought after speaker who knows her subject matter well and has presented to various groups such as the American Business Women's Association."
- Pat Booth-Lynch, author and CEO of Lynch Enterprises
"I attended Dr. Carol's session, "Dr. Carol's Top 10 List: How to Raise Readers and Thinkers God's Way."  Her presentation was very interesting and informative.  Her delivery was lively, offering concrete ideas and workable suggestions on family literacy."
- Amy, Elementary Teacher


After attending the women’s ministry THE WELL: Women Experiencing Lasting Love-

“Dr. Kennedy delivers a message in an informative and entertaining manner. Her message is based on scripture, lessons learned and common sense applications. She is fun and informative and I had a great time. The fellowship and message were awesome and I can’t wait to hear her again.”

- Judy
“Dr. Carol’s talks are full of energy, fun and real life applications. It’s easy to see why she has such a following!”
- Michele
“Need some quick tips on parenting and reading? Dr. Carol can give both. Her parenting books and workbook are easy to understand, and they are full of games and fun for the whole family...”
- Jill
“Dr. Carol’s book, The Grief  Monster, really spoke to me. It helped me figure out how to get rid of the stuff in my life that is weighing me down. Her presentations are sincere, emotional and informative.”
- Carole