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Dr. Carol and husband Dick reside in Florida and manage Kennedy Consulting Services. Dr. Carol Kennedy has over 30 years experience as a mom, teacher, administrator, and consultant. She’s the author of five books: A Taste of Chocolate for the Soul, A Second Taste of Chocolate for the Soul, The Encyclopedia of Parenting from A to Z so help me God!, The Fifteen Minute Guide To Parenting/Workbook, The Grief Monster

Practical tips, humor and inspiration grace Dr. Carol’s books. Dr. Carol’s books feature real life examples and offer easy application tips. Dr. Carol is a motivational speaker, customizing the seminars for the audience.


  Grandpa Dick loves baby cheeks!


  Tyler and Mom playing


  Happy boy


  Trying to snap his fingers


Better give Grandma a cheerio


  Recent book signing at Lehigh Acres, FL


  Loves grandma’s cell phone


  Thomas the Train and Grandpa