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The Encyclopedia of Parenting from A-Z so help me God!

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Dear Parents,

Do you know that you are the children’s first teacher?  You show and grow values, behaviors and even reading skills.  As parents, we draw the boundaries and set the standards for behavior in our home.  What we do as parents is very difficult to undo as the children get older.  So, we need to use every window of opportunity we have while the children are young.

It’s important to show and tell our kids exactly what we mean when we set the ground rules for behavior.  We often think when we say CLEAN YOUR ROOM, that the kids know just what we mean.  That’s our job, to show and tell.  Check out page nine for some quick tips.

Did you know patterns of behavior and value systems are instilled before your child begins school?  The A TO Z BOOK offers quick tips in easy to read articles on 70 topics, from CLEAN YOUR ROOM to R-E-S-P-C-T.

Would you like to raise readers and thinkers?  Check out the games and activities to strengthen and build reading skills, beginning on page 100.  The games are for the whole family and can be customized to fit the age of the children.  My favorite is BEACH BALL BOUNCE on page 122.

This book will soon enter its fifth printing and is full of quick tips for the busy parent.  The games will provide fun for the whole family. 

Happy Parenting,

Dr. Carol Kennedy

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